Центр международной транспортной логистики.
Доставка и перевозка грузов (в т.ч. сборных) из Китая, Южного Китая, Южной Кореи, Малайзии,
Японии, Сингапура, Вьетнама, Индии
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International Transport Logistics Center

International Transport Logistics Center is one of the Russian pioneers in logistics services for import cargoes.

The company renders a full set of logistics and transportation service for cargo (including mixed consignments) delivery from China, South China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and India.

We offer our clients cargo collection and shipment service from the above countries including complete customs clearance in Vladivostok and cleared cargo reconsignment by railroad to the desired regions of Russia.

Rich experience on cargo carriage market enables us to handle our clients’ cargo cheap and effectively, providing them with absolute transparency of disbursements related to cargo clearance and shipment.

We choose the most cost-saving means of delivery for out clients, due to our experience, knowledge of the transportation market, and long-term relations with our partner carriers.

The range of services rendered by our company covers almost every relevant type of the business, priority being given to the following:

  • cargo collection from manufacturer’s factory, container loading quality inspection
  • customs clearance and shipment from port at the manufacturer’s country customs house
  • cargo handling in Vladivostok, Vostochny and Grodekovo station (for goods delivered from China by railroad)
  • reconsignment of customs cleared goods to the desired region by railroad or trucks to the client’s warehouse
  • completing all the necessary cargo documentation including certificates required for the goods sale in the Russian Federation territory
  • search for the goods in the above countries at client’s request
  • purchasing all kinds of goods from factories under client’s assignment without the need for our clients to visit the manufacturer premises
  • trip arrangement for our clients looking for certain factories, accompanying at the factories, assistance in direct contract execution.
  • car purchase on auctions in Singapore and Japan at client’s request
  • we also offer foreign manufacturers service in search for Russian partners
  2007, "Дальневосточный международный
логистический центр"